Thursday, October 25, 2007

Please don't eat the glue

I have many friends. I go to classes with some, and I see others on Sunday at church. But there is a whole circle of my friends that I see once a week, and don't go to school with. These friends are roughly 42 inches tall and always have a lot of energy. These are my AWANA friends. They are all three or four yearolds.

You see, I work in a children's ministry called AWANA (it is NOT AWANAS as many people, who are confused, call it). AWANA stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed. When I was a child, I can remember back to when I went to AWANA. It was a highlight of the week. In AWANA children play games, memorize Bible verses, and learn about God. It is a wonderful program. So when I was too old to be in it, I decided to help in it.

This kind of service is truly rewarding. If you don't get along with kids that well, than this kind of service may not be the right one for you.

Kids are funny. They say what they are thinking. They act upon impulse. They can be very entertaining. Now I would like to tell you one of my multiple stories and experiences.

My first year working in Cubbies (the age group I help in) was so exciting. The Directors were low on helpers in that age group so I was quickly assigned to a table. My table had about six or seven kids. I was in charge of listening to their verses, writing their names on the top of their coloring pages, and overall maintaining the peace. It seemed easy enough.......

"So what is your name?" I asked a quiet little boy sitting at my table.

"rraaAAAAAAnnnnntonieeeeee" *through almost closed lips and a tightly clenched jaw*

"I'm sorry, what did you say your name was?"




I must tell you honestly, I had no clue what the, now agitated, kid's name was.

I looked on his name tag and it spelled ANTHONY.

OH, of course!!! It made sense now.

After that we became friends. I think he was happier when I called him by his name. It is a wonderful experience working with little kids. Within a couple weeks you have a strong bond. Two years later he graduated into Kindergarten. I don't see him very much anymore. I only hope I demonstrated God's unfailing love to this little boy.


spadoodles said...

Stay tuned for the following episode of "Zachary the Crayon Thrower."

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, wait...that had absolutely NOTHING to do with eating GLUE!!!

spadoodles said...

Yes, well......hmmm.... It is the concept that children will eat anything or do something crazy, etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Hey, have you ever had a four year old kiss you and say "I love you" in Sunday School? Quite an interesting experience!!