Friday, October 26, 2007


Since school started, I have been getting up earlier than I ever have throughout my entire life. Although I was never allowed to sleep in during the school week while being homeschooled, I always had a sufficient amount of sleep.

All that changed when I started going to Delta. Currently I'm not getting more than 6 hours of sleep a night which is really cutting back from what I got previously. Mommy G has commented almost everyday that I look extremely tired and should take a nap. (Thanks mom) And even though I wish I could sleep more, it just isn't possible at this point in time.

Last Friday I had the opportunity to sleep in way past the normal time of awakening.

Great, I thought, finally a chance to catch up on some much needed slumber. At least that's what I thought.

On Friday morning I rolled over and glanced at the screen of my bedside clock. It read 6:03. What?! That can't be right! Rolling the other way, I looked at the clock on my computer: 6:03.

Now wide awake, I lay in bed and stared intently at the ceiling. I have never had any trouble sleeping in past 9:30 before. Weird. So I snuggled down under the blankets a little farther and went back to Nigh Night Land.

My eyes popped open and I glanced at the clock. 6:37! Alright, I thought. Enough is enough! Highly perturbed, I snuggled even farther down into the sheets and grumbled to myself. Again, I fell asleep.

The sunlight was doing its best to shine through my shades and tell me it was morning. But after two "false alarms," I didn't ever want to look at the clock again. Well, I thought, I guess that eventually I'll have to look at the clock so it might as well be now. I peaked out from under my cave-like structure I had unknowingly made out of the blankets to see the time. 7:42. How exasperating!

After another hour of off and on slumber, I got up. So at around 8:45 I sat down at my computer and stared at the screen, terribly upset. Why couldn't I just sleep in until I was ready to get going?

Then it dawned on me; I was waking up because I felt like I was "wasting" my precious hours on sleep when I could be doing something productive. My mind and body were ready to get to work whereas I didn't think I was.

I woke up farther immersed in the world of grown-ups than when I had gone to sleep. Not sleeping because you're concerned about school, work you name it always struck me as something that happened to you when you got old! Kind of scary, kind of freaky, but also kind of new and kind of exciting. But however new and exciting, I will be sleeping in tomorrow morning. Zzzzzzzzzzzz......

Note that the above picture is of Sleeping Beauty and not of me. Unfortunately, my hair doesn't look like that after sleeping.


Miss Daisy said...

I totally agree with what you said about "wasting precious hours on sleep when you could be doing something productive" and I think it's true.

just my two bitts:)

(I'm miss Daisy by the way)

Miss Daisy said...

I'm "miss daisy" by the way...

Mary Rose :)

jayci said...

Hey you had me fooled!!