Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Frog in Our Drainpipe

He's stuck. I can't remember the last time that went out into the backyard in the evening and didn't hear his familiar voice. He's got to be hungry down there so every once in a while I think another fellow frog tosses down a fly to him.

I was very concerned the other night because I didn't hear him anymore. Frantic, I began shouting things like "hang on, we'll get you out somehow" and "I always wanted you to know that I love you" down the hole. After being pulled away from the hole, I constructed a miniature rope ladder using toothpicks and floss.

I tried to tell "Raymond" that it would be OK, and that I was lowering a rescue line down to him. He didn't answer me. I continued on saying to tug on the rope twice so I could pull him up to safety. He didn't answer.

The rope ladder is still dangling in the drain. Hopefully he escaped and has been joyfully reunited with his amphibious relations, but I have my doubts.

A happy life to you my froggie...


Mommy g said...

The rope ladder waa ingenious.