Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry. I needed to say those words. The past couple weeks I have not been posting. It's the truth. Really. I have been slacking. I have been lazy. I have been eating a lot (there is nothing wrong with eating). And so I decided that after my "blog-vacation" I needed to get back in the groove.

What can I say? I have let you, the readers, down (not to mention my beloved fellow author who has been poking me with a cattle prod for the last two weeks). I will try to pick up the pace. So, in honor of a friend of mine, I dedicate this apology to him. "I'm REALLY REALLY sorry will you PLEASE forgive me?" *gets down on knees and flashes a cheesey smile* Anyway, now that I've got that off my chest, is anyone up for ice cream?

Please take note that the previous text was written by me (Spadoodles) and not my dearly beloved fellow author and sister. If you didn't know that we were sisters consider yourself informed. I also hope that someone realized that I wasn't actually posting. Well, you can stop weeping now, I have returned.

*goes to eat some more food*


A City in Germany said...

We will accept your apology....

Prince Charming said...

Get up, get up! You're embaressing me.