Friday, October 5, 2007

Dear Curious

This past week, we started the Dear Amelia series where you can send in question for us to answer. After an overwhelming response, I figured it was time to actually answer one.

Dear Amelia,
Is college really as hard as everyone says?

Dear Curious,
After being homeschooled for twelve years, I think that I can safely say that college is different from any other school experience I have ever had. Although I can't say that the work is exceptionally hard, like any other new school year, it does demand a bit more study and perserverence than the previous one.

I believe the reason many college students proclaim that college is difficult is because all of the sudden they actually have to be responsible for themselves. Professors don't care if you miss every lecture and the only action they would take is to eventually drop you from the class.

All of this to say that I don't think the homework is what makes college hard; I think the growing up and being in control of your own life part can be difficult for many people.

But don't concern yourself with what everyone else says about the work. If you know how to read, write and study fairly well going in, you should do fine. ;-)



John said...

well said Amelia, well said.

Ame said...

You need an "E-mail Amelia" Link.

Carly said...

Very well said.

jayci said...

Thanks for using my question!!