Friday, October 12, 2007

"No You May Not Poke Me With That!"

The other day, as many of you heard, Spadoodles and I had to have blood taken. Yeah me! Anyway, for those of you who have never heard about my history of swooning (really, it's fainting, but swooning is so much more dramatic) here's a few stories of what has happened in the past when I come within close proximity to blood.

A few years ago I had to get a flu shot in the month of December. I have never enjoyed the process of being immunized, but I have heard that it is necessary. My sisters and I were all in agreement that shots were terrible, and we would not likely survive. Even though I thought it would be awful, I volunteered to go first. I bravely withstood my painless poke, and then the rest of my family followed.

Out in the hallway, I seemed almost giddy but for no apparent reason. Walking behind my parents suddenly took more effort, and I couldn't hear every one's voices very well. They sounded like they may have been shouting something to me from far away. The next thing I knew, Mommy G was bending over me in the women's restroom splashing water in my face.

The next time I "swooned" was while I was at AWANA Camp. After standing in a large field waiting to have our group photo taken for almost 30 minutes, I passed out. That whole ordeal made the camp nurse run across camp!

And my most well-known fainting story has got to be when I went on a field trip to the Butte (notice that its not "butt" but "Butte") Blood Donation Center. One of my friends was deathly afraid of needles so we hung together towards the back. Just when we reached the refrigerators where they store the blood, I started to get lightheaded.

The next thing I remember was that I was looking up at all of my friends' concerned faces. And since recovering from fainting takes a lot longer than just a field trip, everyone knew what had happened before our group got back to the church where we would be picked up.

I now have notes on my medical record of my past "fainting spells" so every time I have anything done to me, I am required to lay down. Just in case...

So when my name was called, I was kind of hoping that something exciting would happen. Maybe I would pass out before I even got into the chair. Or maybe the nurse would totally freak out. Perhaps I would turn a funny color and start rambling on words of nonsense.

But alas, after I seated myself, the nurse quickly swabbed, poked and bandaged my arm before I could have said "I think I'm gonna..." I have another doctors appointment in a few weeks where my physician will evaluate my lab work. If I'm lucky, I may need to have more blood taken.


Rosiegirl said...

In Fond Memory!!! If I recall correctly- you were about to ask me to go outside with you, but I was two seconds too late! Miss ya girlie, and I can't wait to see you in a few weeks!