Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Dragon Part 2

The Dragon worked tirelessly day in and day out to restore the stone. He carefully polished and buffed out many of the deep and painful scars. But the gem still have not been returned to it's glory. The knight also worked day in and day out to prepare himself to face the terrible dragon in battle over the heart he so desired.

The knight however had been wounded in a previous battle that had left permanent damage in his armor. A small but none the less noticeable puncture hole in the chest plate of his armor could be clearly seen by the dragon. The puncture had not been fixed in the knight's armor after the deadly encounter.

The knight went every day to sit by the mouth of the dragons cave in order to know and understand the jewel. He was not allowed to venture too close however, because the dragon had become very cautious.

The knight sat by the mouth of the cave and waited and waited for what he thought seemed like an eternity always watching and wanting to catch a glimpse of sparkle thrown off by the gleaming gem. He came to know the way the jewel would shine in different lights and moods. He came to understand just how to make it shine by holding it just the right way in the sunshine.
But the knight himself never came close to holding the jewel. He was forced to learn by watching the dragon.

Every day when the knight would come to sit by the cave entrance, he would gradually move farther into the cave. Soon over the course of a few weeks he had moved in past the door, and by a few months he was no longer sitting in the light of the doorway. The dragon slowly grew accustomed to the presence of the knight although he still watched him very carefully.

One night the dragon who was very tired after a long day polishing fell fast asleep with the gem next to him. The knight leaned in to look closely at the beautiful stone, and stared for a long time into the center of the rock. He believed the precious stone to be of great worth and value and gently whispered to the beautiful jewel beautiful things.

The dragon awoke, but did not make a sound. The dragon had promised himself to never let another thing happen to his precious jewel. And he vowed that no man would look at the stone for a long amount of time no matter how clear the stone had become or how sincere the knight was.

The knight having stared into the glassy eyes of the gem for many hours was terrified when the dragon rose from his place by the stone and chased him out of the cave. The dragon clutched the precious stone to his heart and locked it away in a tower for three years to guard it from all knights...

The knight was heartbroken that he had to be removed for such a long time. He longed to look and watch the gem, but the sparkle was hidden from all the world while tucked away in the tower. The knight was forced to remain on the ground and wait until the dragon granted permission for him to enter the tower...


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wow! when is the rest of it going to come???

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