Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shortcuts You Shouldn't Take When Doing Your Chores

Chores, however long and arduous they may seem, are really not that bad if you just buckle down and complete them. But when faced by a mountain of tasks, you may be tempted to take the short way out. In the times when you must do your duties, please don't take any of these shortcuts. We speak from experience...

Chore Tip #1: When cleaning up after your dog, don't take the easy way out. Your mother will not appreciate the placement of "the bag" in her kitchen garbage, and even though it is 30 fewer steps than taking it outside, please walk it out to the trash receptacle.

Chore Tip #2: Don't take all the wet smelly towels and "dry" them under your bed. Let me tell you, they don't tend to dry for months. Although, if you leave them there long enough, they seem to get fuzzier... interesting...

Chore Tip #3: When organizing a closet with games in it that happen to have small pieces, don't combine all the games into one box for easier storage. You'll be sorry when you want to play Chinese Checkers next time.

Chore Tip #4: Ants really like half finished lolly pops. Please don't "save them for later" by your bed. You probably don't want to have a whole bunch of little friends for a sleep over.

Chore Tip #5: The holes in the fronts of guitars are not garbage cans!

Chore Tip #6: Never throw anything away that belongs to your sister. Nuf said.

Chore Tip #7: When cleaning the mirrors and glass in the bathroom, don't mix up the Windex with the hairspray.

Chore Tip #8: Check to make sure the rag you're using is really supposed to be used as a rag.

Chore Tip #9: If you're cleaning out the fridge and you don't remember buying anything that color, throw it out.

Hope these tips are helpful the next time you clean! :)


mommy g said...

I'm going to check under your bed now.

Anonymous said...

Funny you tried alot of the same things I tried as a kid
P.s I got the same results