Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Dragon Part 1

Here is the first part of a story I wrote. The rest is either coming or still to be written. Hope you enjoy!

I always envisioned my heart as something like a huge heart-shaped diamond that was so clear and reflective that you could see yourself in it. So great in it's worth that it was locked away in a beautiful chest. in the jewel-covered box, the gem-heart is wrapped in a beautiful velvet sash.

The chest is kept under guard by a ferocious dragon with a monstrous tail and fiery breath.The dragon has swallowed the one and only key to the beautiful box so the only way to open the chest is to slay the monster. At least that's what I thought.

A knight came along, not brave or strong, but a seeker of hearts. (notice the plural) He came to the dragon and first tried to convince the dragon to give up the key. The terrible monster refused pointblank. Next the boy came up with a devious plan. While the dragon was sleeping one night, he would sneak into the cave and, climb into the dragon's mouth and pull out the key to the gemstone box.

The next night, while the dragon was sleeping, the boy, somehow, against all odds, was able to retrieve the scrolled key. He rejoiced in his luck and immediately went to see the heart that he believed he now possessed. But because he was only a boy, and not a man, he didn't see the worth of the stone, and therefore was very reckless with it.

In the meantime, the dragon having noticed the gem's disappearance, searched high and low for it. when at last he found it, half covered in mud, it had obtained multiple scratches and scars.The monster returned to his lair, rejoicing for finding the stone, but sorrowing for seeing it's condition. He worked night and day in his cave, polishing, polishing, polishing the jewel, working slowly and meticulously to return it to it's former glory.

One day, while he was polishing, another knight came along. He saw the stone being worked upon and wished to examine it closer. The dragon roared to the man that he must wait until the stone was properly restored before he could try to win it. So the man went away to ready himself and to find the strongest breastplate, helmet, shield and sword...


Miss Rosie K. said...

I love it! I can't wait until the next part!!!! XO-Rosie-girl!