Sunday, March 9, 2008

Be Nice...

I wrote this a while ago, but I never posted it here. Sorry about the delay.

What should a real gentleman look like? How should he treat women? Other men? His mother?

1. Respect. He should always treat everyone with high respect. That could look like: opening doors for people, standing when a lady enters a room, treating women as things to be treasured, giving up his seat for the elderly, and speaking kindly to everyone.

2. Love. This kinda works with respect. If the guy loves you, he will respect you in every aspect: physical boundaries, your feelings, your dreams and protection from himself.

3. Protection. Also, this again ties back into the previous one Love. If he really loves you, he will protect you from the evil around us, and may even have to protect you from his own thoughts and desires.

4. Filter. This is something that a good friend recently enlightened me about. Guys have filters in their heads. Some filters work really well and will pull out almost everything that should not be done or said whereas other filters will pull out very little. A true gentleman will have a good filter that will pull out things that are not good to say or do. He will be careful and considerate around others because he knows how powerful his words and actions can be.

Ladies, wait for that guy. He's out there, waiting and watching for the woman of his dreams to show up. Don't stand for anything less.