Friday, March 21, 2008

Sincerly Yours, Me

hi self,
how r u? I wanted something in the inbox, so i sent u a email. r u bored? im bored.

The day I wrote that email I was bored. Have you ever had the feeling like you just wish somebody would send you an email? Well this fun little "exercise" (as I thought it was at first) became an obsession. Yes, that's right.

Howdy I,
Yeah, im kinda bored. Thanx 4 the email. You really enjoyed reading it.
Sincerly mine, You

Hola you!
Me hasn't talked to you in like FOREVER!!!! How has my life been going? You heard that mine is having a Birthday party for I, right? Me don't know what you is going to bring for a present to myself. You were thinking about a watch, but me knows that I wouldn't like that so much. Besides, I know myself pretty well. Well, yourself has to get going. You hope to hear from me soon.
Twiddling your thumbs,

Now I know what you are thinking. She has lost her brain. Yes, that's right, admit it. Don't worry, Your feelings won't get hurt. For now, I will keep emailing myself. Me will let you know how things are going.

Sincerly Yours,


ScribblinScribe said...

Can't say me ever wanted e-mail badly enough to spawn this kind of brilliance. :) Very clever way to entertain you. ;)

big mo said...

wow! that's great!

i do this all the time, to keep my fingers busy and my mind active in class.

i love the looks i get from the people sitting next to me. like i've got multiple personalities.

well, if i have multiple personalities, i want some too!.

ok, i both have multiple personalities, happy?

sorry... here i go again.

AMRunner said...

That's "there we go again," big mo. Nice post.