Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Don't Sit Down

Everyone in our house knows that my cat Jake doesn't like Spadoodles. He is totally annoyed by her presence and often stalks her like prey. One time when Spadoodles was relaxing on the couch, Jake walked behind her head, and while passing behind, he attacked her head, bit it and moved on.

The other night Spadoodles was, as usual, pestering the cat. Jake has become very social in the last year or so and has taken to sitting on people whenever they are on the couch. He was sitting on Daddy Gs lap and begging for attention by rubbing his face on Daddy Gs hand.

Dad and Spadoodles were joking around as usual and Daddy told her not to sit down on the couch. Well, Spadoodles being Spadoodles, she danced her way over to the couch and pretended to sit down. Although, she didn't get very far. Jake decided to take the side of my dad and whomp her.

Spadoodles didn't really care for the "kitty spank" and became rather annoyed. They ended up having a "batting fight" which is where Jake who has no claws and Spadoodles gently "bat" at each other. (normally Jake hits pretty hard while Spadoodles just kind of bats the air) FYI, Jake normally wins, and this time was no exception. In a moment, Spadoodles ran and screamed to the other side of the room while Jake continued to sit calmly on "his" spot on the couch.

After a few more failed attempts at sitting next to my dad, Spadoodles retreated to the loveseat but continued to eye the other sofa in envy. While this whole escapade is happening, my dad and I are laughing uncontrollably. Hopefully the thought of Spadoodles getting beat up by a cat makes you laugh in an amused sort of way. :)

And just so you know, Spadoodles did eventually get the spot on the couch, but she had to wait until Jake got tired of guarding the sofa...


crispy said...

I can just see this whole thing in my mind. Thanks for the story.

Anonymous said...

haha yeah i can see spadoodles doing that too. crazy kid!

car said...

LOL ya that sounds like somthing Jake would do.. he does the same thing if you poke him repeatedly.. not like I've done that ::cough cough::

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to witness this in person!!!!!