Thursday, April 24, 2008

other options

Spadoodles mentioned KFC in her last post, and I thought it would only be fair to give you all some other options...

1. Taco Bell (gotta love the burritos)

2. In N' Out... nuf said.

3. Jimboys, a Lodi favorite

4. McDonalds (how much sodium is in that water?!?)

5. Burger King, the home of the strangely good chicken fries

6. Panera... uh, got two words for ya: good bread.

7. Burger Hut (oh to be back in Chico again!)

8. Chipotle (can you say best food ever?)

ok, so even if you don't particularly care for KFC, don't worry, there's quite a few other options for you out there. After all, this is a non-exhaustive list.


Matthew said...

Wow, very nice. For my own purposes, I narrow the list down to three: Panera, In 'N' Out, and Chipoltle. but I'm in Colorado, so I can't do In 'N' Out. :-( On the other hand, Five Guys is coming here soon.

I don't know Jimboys or Burger Hut—I must be missing out.

One more thing: If you're in California, you've got to add The Habit to the list.

FCN Hijacker said...

I absolutely don't like KFC stateside, but the KFC in India was great. Their chicken strips were a bit spicy and very good!

Anonymous said...

in n out!

car said...

my personal fav is the Taco Van... soooo tasty!!!!