Monday, April 28, 2008

Beating my Best

The other night my dad and I went to a leadership meeting at our church. He went because he's the head elder, and I went because I thought it might help me to manage people in the children's leadership group for my church. Little did I know that my heart would be touched again by His holy hands.

The smallish group sat together towards the back of the sanctuary, and Pastor Steve opened with a word of prayer. Then they played the clip of the evening, but let me tell you, i don't even remember what the guys name was who was talking or who made the tape. i was entranced by the words he was speaking because they seemed to be spoken just for me.

The man on the screen spoke with such conviction about giving your best, and I felt my heart jump at his words. Although much of what he talked about was people who gave up their high paying jobs to volunteer at the church, he did leave a lasting impression on me about giving God my best.

He mentioned giving God the "scraps" left over from the day, and how at one point in his life, he imagined God would be tickled pink by any attention thrown His way.

But then it hit him. God had spent all His time giving up His BEST for him that it only seemed logical to return the favor. All throughout the Bible, God's love letters to His people, God continually and constantly gives His best for us before giving the ultimate gift of His perfect Son.

But how does one give his best to God? What does "best" look like?

In my finite mind it can only mean that everything I do is not for me, my parents, my friends, my family or my pastor... it's done for God and GOD ALONE!

Wouldn't it change the way you wrote a paper for English class if you had to turn it in to be graded by the One who invented words? Wouldn't it change the way you scrubbed the stone tile in the kitchen to know that the One who created the stone would be looking over your work? Wouldn't it change the way you spoke to people if you knew that Jesus was coming tomorrow?

He gave His Son. His Son died for us while we still were helplessly entangled in our own sin. He gave his BEST for us. Isn't He worthy of your best?