Sunday, September 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Ally!!!!!

Today is the most emotional day I have ever encountered. Today is my big sister's birthday. But not just any birthday, today she is turning 18. *blows nose* Now in our country we, the young people, are considered "adults" at this age. I t is a monumental occasion. She has already been to college (I cried then, too). She now owns her own laptop. She doesn't have a "bedtime." And she can make her own lunch. In the next election, she will get to vote. And I will stand by watching (and crying).

Who knows? Maybe, in a couple more years she will be on the "road to matrimony"(I will sob). Then she will get married (I will bawl hysterically). I'm excited for her. What joys her future will hold. I can now call her an "old lady." But no matter how old she gets (and how young i stay), I will always admire her.

You see, Ally and I were always close. We have had great adventures, great sorrows, and great joys together. I can remember the times that we would make my room a colossal mess. And the times we "painted" our play furniture with mud. Years later, she graduated from Jr. high. Just last summer she graduated from high school.

Ally is three years older than me. She has always been my role model. When I would be the one getting all the spankings, she was the one I envied. Ally was the "good kid" in our household. I was the "strong willed" as they call it. To this day she is still my role model. And she always will be. She is the one I crawl to when I have a question about math. She is the one who has taught me how to be "artsy." She is my best friend. Thanks Ally. Happy Birthday. I wish you all the best in the world and in the life to come. *goes to get more kleenex*


Mommy g said...

The most beautiful blog I have ever read. Well done.

Carly said...

yes well done!!!