Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Day I Never Stopped Driving My Car

The other day I had the bright idea while driving home from school, that I would not stop all the way home. And somehow I managed it.

The drive home took way more thought than I had originally expected since there are a lot of stop lights, stop signs and most of all, other cars that tend to stop often. Stop signs were fairly easy to maneuver being that I would roll to an almost stopped position before accelerating again. The stoplights, however, were a little bit trickier.

My route home from school involves driving through 14 stoplights. I had to plan carefully for each one which sometimes meant slowing down very gradually and inching forward until the green colored go-ahead was given.

But as if 14 lights weren't enough, I had to go to the gas station on my way home. That brought the total number of lights up to 20. Bugger. The last light almost ruined me. I could see that it was green from a distance, but by the time I was remotely close, it turned yellow.

My mind raced trying to figure out how fast I should proceed to the light. Should I try to make it, or should I run the risk of recking my record? The light turned red and I pressed down the brake pedal. As my car crawled forward, I prayed that the light would turn. I would give anything if only the light would turn green. I was beginning to cross the white line and roll into the intersection by the time the light changed, but the light was green. Glorious green!

Zipping through the last light felt like I had entered the "safe zone" in Parcheesi. Nothing can bump you back to start; nothing can stop you from winning except maybe a cop. Luckily there were none to be seen. Not that I was speeding or anything.
When I finally pulled into my driveway, I felt absolutely, 100% triumphant. I had won my Parcheesi game that I had played against the people, whoever they were, who invented stoplights so people would have to stop. I win.

I think that I might write a song about green lights, "safe zones" and winning someday. Maybe I will...


AMRunner said...

Great post.

With an automatic, you can just put the car in gear and guarantee constant motion.

How'd you go to the gas station without stopping? That must have been an exciting fillup.

adrialien said...

LOL, Ally, that's awesome! I don't think I could ever pull off something like that!

A City in Germany said...

Out of curiousity, why does this post have the label "brown leather belts?"

Ally Pie said...

*To the above*
Ooops. Oh well ;-)