Friday, September 28, 2007

Dear Amelia

The other day, I was brainstorming post ideas with my fellow contributor, and we had the brilliant idea of letting our two readers send us questions to answer. Genius, huh?

I recently set up an email address for ETST for the specific purpose of having people send us comments, critiques, slams, questions and feedback about our blog. And I figured that it was high time that we announce its long-awaited arrival.

Our email address is I know, it's totally original and you would never be able to guess where we came up with the name of our HQ. Hehe.

We will be calling this series Dear Amelia. Don't ask me why because I don't know. We could have called it Dear Bob, Dear Herbert or even Dear Helga, but we didn't. Although we liked the name Helga, we happened to like the name Amelia better.

Oh, one more thing, please don't ask us why frogs are green and not pink. Please.


John said...

come on, I submitted a question, and I want my answer! haha

Carly said...

darn that was my question!!! that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!! i want a pink frog!!!!

Where's beans? said...

2 things...
1. Some frogs ARE pink lol!!!
2. I submitted a question a LOOOONG time ago!!! please answer it!!!!