Monday, August 13, 2007

Word of the Week #1

Please go and use the Word of the Week as many times as you possibly can (without sounding strange). I'm up to 437.

Pugnacious adj. given to fighting; quarrelsome. [f. pugnaci(ty) (t. L: m.s. pugnacitas combativeness) + -ous] -pugnaciously, adv. -pugnacity , pugnaciousness, n.

Example Sentence: Although Larry appears to be peace-loving at home, he tends to revert to a pugnacious attitude while at work.


Anonymous said...

I guarantee that my first visit will not be my last! Let me know when you guys post some more stuff!


P.S. Momly and Taffy, If you don't know who I am by that name..... :)

Mommy g said...

Welcome to the blog world, you two!
Can't wait to see what post is next!

Anonymous said...

Here's my attempt at a sentence: When lovingly approached about choosing Chipotle as a dinner option, why is it that Uncle S replies pugnaciously?

Carly said...

Same here! i will most definitely be a regular reader!

Anonymous said...

Momly and Taffy, Awesome job! I will be visiting your blog a lot ;). You're doing great, I liked your belief statement, and the polka spots :). You have my support :). Today I will try not to be pugnacious ;).
~Nony, blondie~

A City in Germany said...

Not to be funny, but is this what pug dogs are named after?