Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wacky Web-Pic Wednesday #1

Today's the day. The day I'm priveledged to present to you wacky pictures I find on the web. Every once in a while I come across a picture that seems strange. Either something is missing, or it just appealed to me as amusing. So for your enjoyment (and mine as well), we here at ETST will post pictures for you to laugh at, cry over, or just wonder why we even posted this in the first place. Enjoy!!!!!!!

yum yum

Frankly, this just scares me. What mother out there would see this on the shelf at the local food market and say, *gasp* "Is that amazing or what? I didn't know they still made this brand! I ate monkey brains when I was a child. I just know my kids will love Monkey Brain Soup!"

Oh boy.

I sincerly apologize for the blurriness, but I think we still get the picture.


Carly said...

lol... nice

Anonymous said... that an actual brand of cereal? Is it really made out of Monkey Brains?!! *panic, panic*....if so....I fear for whoever eats that.....eeeww!
Hehe..loved your comment!

~Nony Blondie~

Mommy g said...

*grabs car keys and bolts for the door* "I'm headed to the store for Monkey Brain Soup!"

Cody said...

I think that's what I had this morning. Ew...

jayci said...

Interesting...what are the ingredients of this so called cereal?? ;)