Friday, August 17, 2007

What are you Chewing?

"FOOD!!!!!!!!WATER!!!!!!!!ANYTHING!!!!!!!.......ew.......not that!"

This was the desperate cry of my friend and I the time we were lost in the woods. It was tragic. So that you understand what happened, I will rewind.

It was a lovely day. The trees were singing and the birds blowing in the breeze. I started that day just like any other day.

"We are going to go for a little hike," said Mrs. Gonzales.

That is when it all started. We all piled into a Mini Van and set out on our journey. The party consisted of Mr. Gonzales, Mrs. Gonzales, Abigail, Alice, Uncle Ricardo, Aunt Tracy, Theodor, Carlotta, my friend Julianna, and myself. It was a very merry party. So we set out on our drive to Forker Lake.

When we arrived, we jumped out of the van and began our little hike. It wasn't long before Julianna and I were at the front of the group. We became sidetracked talking about many different things. Then the idea occurred to us. We could hide just a little bit off of the trail and our families would pass us.

We tip-toed into the trees just on the right of the trail. But we decided that our group would be able to see us in our present position. So we traveled deeper into the woods. Again we talked and lost track of what direction we were walking in. Then my friend suddenly gasped.

"Amelia, I think were lost."

The last word sent a shiver up my spine. lost.......LOST!?! How could this be? I had never been lost before. I had heard of children who had been lost in malls. But not the WILDERNESS!!!!!!!!!

"What should we do?"

"I don't know."

After we evaluated our "lostness", we began thinking of what our plan of action would be. Many ideas were suggested. Here are a few......

.....Climb a tree and yell (we couldn't get into the tree)

.....make a shelter (it kept falling down)

.....find a pot and boil some water(couldn't find a pot)

We finally decided to live off the land. We looked for berries (didn't find any), We looked for a shelter (only found a hole in the dirt). We were sure our families had left without us. Painfully time crept by. We were hungry, thirsty, and tired. We found ourselves crawling on the ground ravenously devouring anything we came in contact with. We ate grass, dirt, and a very freaky looking beetle. We were near our life's end.

"What on earth are you doing?"

We gathered just enough strength to look up and see our families standing around us with very quizzical and confused looks on their faces.

"Why are you laying on the ground?"

"What are you chewing?"

"We finally caught up with you speed-walkers."

We just stared.

"Let's go home," Aunt Tracy announced.

I mustered up the strength to speak, " We have been lost in the wilderness for hours."

"Stop goofing around, you sillys, you guys wandered off around 2 minutes ago."


where's beans? said...

You left out the part where we almost ate all the rice out of Beans' head. Then the part where we ran into that killer squirrel that almost killed us.
Let this be a warning to you peoples reading this: NEVER AGREE TO GO ON A "LITTLE" HIKE. (or any other type of physical exertion for that matter.)

where's beans? said...

Hey, this is funny, both times I've agreed to go on a little hike I almost died. Or have gotten lost. Or have eaten a strange beetle.