Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Have How Many Hours Left?!?

School. The very thought of it is haunting every student in the whole San Joaquin County, state of California and even the whole world! Some unfortunate souls have already returned; I am one of the fortunate few who are left. There are only 63 hours left until school starts, and I am determined not to waste the last precious bit of my summer.

Even though I dislike admitting this, I will tell you that I had to pence about school for a little while today. After all, textbooks and binders don't purchase themselves. And when I finished my stroll through the Delta College bookstore, I found myself thinking very unusual thoughts. I became excited about my new (and used) books, and I wanted to have a chance to actually use them. I soon realized that I was anticipating the coming school year, and the classes I would take.

This excitement, although unusual for most students, is not abnormal for me. I believe I can safely say that almost every year, I look forward to returning to a normal routine. I do enjoy my summer, but after a while, the monotony starts getting to me. I find myself wanting to complete a difficult math problem or craving to analyze a literature passage. My mom is the main reason for these desires; she always likes the return to the scheduled school lifestyle. But even my sisters, who are die-hard summer people, eventually find themselves looking for alternative outlets for their unused energy.

I believe God created us to seek change. He understood that if we were always repeating the activities in our lives, we would become bored and unwilling to change. He also understood that we need to, dare I say it, do some good old-fashioned hard work. School combines the much-needed expansion of our minds with a substantial amount of change from the ordinary. We should embrace the challenge of change!

Proverbs 18:9 "One who is slack in his work is brother to one who destroys."


one of the sisters said...

I'm not looking for alternative outlets for my unused energy yet...... ;-)
*looks around suspiciously*

Anonymous said...

*Whispered, and in a dramatic tone* I am also one of the fortunate few that are left. The thoughts of school starting has been haunting my thoughts as well..*Sigh* I have to admit...I....sometimes...look forward to starting school again. I like challenges, and I also believe that God wants us to be challenged and use the brains He has given us for His glory. Best wishes to all who are starting school! Keep using that brain
God has given you!
~Nony Blondie~

LDer said...

I am NOT looking forward to school (besides the english and history). Debate is more important, and school just takes up too much time that could be used researching....


where's beans? said...

It's going to be a rude awakening for me when school starts. * shudders * Every summer day for me starts at about 10 am. When school begins it will start at about 6:30 each day. I am NOT looking forward to it. * says under breath * well...maybe just a little...

where's beans? said...

P.S. and yes, I mean 6:30 am.

jayci said...

Hey, well I started school this week. I have to say I miss summer. But once I get into the new routine, I am sure that I will warm up to it. *Sigh* but I do miss getting up later instead of 5:45 in the morning:(. I guess we gotta try to make the best of everything, eh?

John said...

"I find myself wanting to complete a difficult math problem or craving to analyze a literature passage."
"He also understood that we need to, dare I say it, do some good old-fashioned hard work."

These statements have me a little concerned about you. I'm going to suggest that you get extra rest and stay out of the sun. ..and if you don't feel better, I know the name of a good psychiatrist. Good luck.