Thursday, November 1, 2007

If You Knew What I Know...

Thanks goodness that Halloween is over! It's my least favorite holiday, and if you ask me, we could just get rid of it all together.

Sure, I like pumpkins and candy, but the true essence of the Halloween traditions has largely been forgotten by many. If you knew what I know about Halloween, you might think about it differently.

You see, the celebration of Halloween dates back over 2000 years. In this dark time, the night before All Saints Day was called All Hallows Eve. The spirits of the dead people and children supposedly come back to earth during that time and roam the streets.

As if spirits weren't enough, the demons and goblins are also thought to become active during this time. The pumpkins were carved, lit and placed outside of one's door to protect the family inside from unwanted spirits. The candy was an offering to the dead that hopefully would appease their appetites.

Although my family and I have never celebrated Halloween, I wasn't told why we didn't until the 5th Grade. After hearing the "real story," my opinion about the holiday changed from that of disgust to that of nausea.

This post was not meant to in any way slam people who celebrate Halloween, but I felt like I needed to let people know what they are standing for.


A City in Germany said...

I agree, Ally! The whole month is absolutely nasty because of our culture's absolute celebration of this "holiday."

where's beans? said...

Indeed. Not a good day of the year. Ooooohhhhh...Like the new font. Very nice.