Friday, November 9, 2007


Fridays...I love them. I really do. Nothing can compare to the awesome feeling that another week is almost over and the "restful" weekend is well on it's way.

Fridays have always had some kind of special feeling. When I was little, my family started a Friday tradition of Movie and Shake Night. We would rent a family movie and afterwards, my dad would make us all chocolate milk shakes. A tradition that my grandpa started back before I was born.

When my family moved to Chico, my dad had every other Friday off of work. He would stay at home and often times pull out the beloved hot wheel racing track, print up a set of racing brackets and then promptly beat every one of my fastest cars.

Fridays are still Movie and Shake Night, but the tradition has become so much more than just a fun evening; it's turned into the one night a week where everything is pushed aside and family takes center stage.

So, needless to say, if you ask me to do something else on Friday night, you will probably get a no. Maybe, unless you'll let me bring everyone along.


mommy g said...

And it isn't about the movie, and it isn't about the shakes, but the family time together building relationship and tradition. Who knew what Dad was starting when he made you that first shake when you were 3?