Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Enlarged To Show Texture

We thought it would be a good idea to show everyone the cereals they unthinkingly eat and give you a close up shot of the toasted goodness.

To start, we have the classic Cheerio. Baked to perfection right by us in the General Mills plant. Now made with whole grains, it is clinically proven to reduce cholesterol, and with only 1 gram of sugar it is a healthy alternative to most sugary cereals.

Next we have the Chex original. These little babies are perfect for making "muddie buddies" and chex mix. Also made with whole grains, they are the perfect as a light snack in between meals.

Frosted Mini Wheats are a digestive-healthy choice since each serving contains almost 25% of your daily fiber needs. And with only 1 gram of fat, how can you go wrong if you eat them in the morning. The commercial even suggests you take them to school or work with you.

Kashi. Another healthy alternative to Cheerios. Although a little bit tough and chewy, Kashi is wonderful for your heart since it promotes low blood pressure and wide-open arteries. A cheaper version of Kashi can be purchased at your local recyclers plant. Just ask for the sticks, twigs, and cardboard section.

I didn't include the Cocoa Pops or the Lucky Charms because they aren't considered "healthy" by most all cereal consumers. But that doesn't mean that we don't eat them. Seriously though, how can you choose bits of bark I mean Kashi over sweet chocolate puffiness for breakfast. Now that's a reason to get up in the morning!


where's beans? said...

1st. You forgot one of the best healthy cereals ever made and eaten; Honey Bunches of Oats. Mmmm. very nice.
2nd. (and remember this point) There is NEVER a good reason to get up in the morning. Not even sweet chocolate puffiness.

A City in Germany said...

I must object. Kashi is quite good....

adrialien said...

HEY! I LOVE Kashi! A little milk, some honey, and - bam! - you have a delicious, nutritious breakfast.