Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Electrical Friends

I want you all to meet the newest member of my family. This is Delilah. I adopted her about a week ago. Yes, I name my electronics. I thought it would be nice to introduce all my "friends" to you.

So, to start, here is my newest friend, Delilah. She is an 8 GB ipod nano (teal). Her favorite song is "Hey There Delilah." She sleeps in a isock and that's about it.

Next is my cellular device. This is Dwight. He has awesome voice activation capabilities, and is specially sleek to fit in pockets well. He spends most of his time in his sling back chair from Hawaii. He used to be the good friend of my Dad, but since my parents were concerned about knowing my whereabouts, he was placed in my care. Not to mention that I was aching to have him at my disposal.

Now I want to introduce my dear friend Flo. Flo is my Computer. She definitely has a quirky sense of humor. She is such high quality that she has a mind of her own. Sometimes she is so hilarious as to, just when I am doing something really important, cut off my Internet and claim it is "having trouble connecting." *laughs hysterically* I am blown away by her intelligence! She also has a very special connection with Dwight. Whenever Dwight has a call coming in, Flo warns me by telling me (It sounds like screeching in English). You couldn't ask for a better computer!

Last but certainly not least is my calculator. This is Einstein. He helps me with my math. He is very easy going. He doesn't mind at all if I press all his buttons. He is so brainy! He has everything that a person would want. He is so lucky! He has everything from a "TAN" button to "SIN" "CLEAR" buttons. Not to mention he makes incredible pie!

Well, that's the end of the introductions. I hope you enjoyed meeting all my electrical friends.


Matthew said...

Wow, what a clever post! I wish I could meet the whole group.

Of course, I would be the last person to get in the way of amicable loyalty, but I'll bet if you changed Flo's costume to include a little Apple button, she would be just as humorous and a bit less quirky.