Saturday, May 10, 2008

Adam and Eve

We had a question in the comments section of the last post which went something like, "Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?" Here is my answer:

I don't know. :)

God did not find that piece of information important enough to put in with all the other details He gives us about creation. He tells us that He created the animals to continue making the same kinds of animals so that we would have no other choice than to believe that God created the animals in the first place. He told us that He created everything in 6 days and rested the seventh not only to give men an example of how our week should be spent, but to erase all the ideas men have come up with about millions and billions of years.

So, although I can express my opinion and say, "they had belly buttons" or "they didn't have belly buttons," God ultimately knew that the answer to that question could be answered later on in person for those who truly believe in Him. I believe that God only gives us enough information to show us His supremacy, power and love for us in the Bible because if He tried to explain all of His greatness to our finite minds, we would explode.

And that's the best answer I know how to give for that question. :)


Matthew said...

But oh my, the speculation is where all the fun is! Note that the Michelangelo painting you use in your post actually portrays him with a belly-button (although you artfully omitted that part). On the other hand, Ken Ham says that Adam probably didn't have one, first because it would be sort of like lying for God to add the mark of being born to people that hadn't been born, and secondly because Adam and Eve's buttonless state would have been a great testimony to their descendants (they lived for hundreds of years, remember). Just imagine all the little Adam Juniors running up and saying, "Father Adam, won't you show us your tummy and tell us the story of how God made you?"

On a more serious note, this guy will tell you more about the subject than you ever wanted to know. And speaking of belly-buttons, I've been thinking about what's going to happen in fifty years or so, when all of today's teenagers become grandmas. Are they still going to walk around with belly-button rings and tattoos, or are they going to cover them up somehow? (The tattoos would be harder, I guess.)

Sorry for the rant. You can tell I like this subject. :-)

Anonymous said...

well thnx for the thoughts, but i think i will wait to see God to aske him that question, that way i will really know if they have belly buttons or not!