Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dead Man Tell No Tale

It all started in the evening of May 4th. We had, as a family, traveled to the lovely city of Davis to celebrate my cousin's 12th birthday. On our way home we decided to make a stop at Raley's to purchase some nourishment. It was a decided that everyone except my Mom would stay in the car. So we parked. And she ran in.

It was not long, however, before my attention span of sitting and waiting came to an end. I began looking out the window for some interesting scene to entertain me. We had parked one space away from another car. Standing next to the car was the store manager and another employee. They appeared troubled. There was a man sitting in the front seat of the car, however, he had his head hanging down. My Dad, being the caring man he is, asked the manager standing there if the man slumped in the car was ok. The manager just shook his head. We then realized that the man sitting in that car was dead.

I was quite shocked. It was a weird thought being parked next to a deceased man. My little sister became deeply distressed. Although she can be quite tough, anything medical makes her freak out. By this time my Mom was back in the car, and we could leave. Then the ambulance came. We could no longer leave because it was slightly parked behind us. I watched as they did CPR on the victim. We later were informed that he had been sitting in his car like that for at least an hour. As soon as all the EMT's were out of the way we backed out our car and drove away.

Seeing this kind of situation gets one thinking......

Was he saved?

Does he have any family?

Did anyone notice his absence?

We never know what day will be our last on this earth. We should make every moment count.


Matthew said...

Thanks for the thought. It's a subject that comes up often, but it's always good to have a reminder.

crispy said...

What a story. I am sure it would freak out Tally and Tissy.

I do love your eternal perspective.

mommy g said...

Unfortunately, I arrived for the CPR.

Anonymous said...

well, that was an experience!